UPM Flooring


WISA¬†Products: Lightness, stiffness and durability make WISA plywood an ideal solution for the floor and wall structures within the transport industry. Special coatings that provide powerful protection against corrosion and moisture can be used to improve the durability of plywood. This extends the lifespan of plywood and, at the same time, cuts operating and maintenance costs. WISA components are designed and manufactured according to the customer’s specifications. An extensive range of thicknesses and sizes, along with cut-size CNC and/or edge-machined components, enable easy and quick installation. WISA is there to offer you an optimal solution based on your specific needs.

WISA Heavy Transport: Heavy transport vehicles, such as trucks and trailers, place high demands on materials. Strength and excellent durability are at the top of the requirement list, and the WISA range of products provide the best solutions for these particular needs. Durable coatings and slip resistance properties have been designed according to end-user’s requirements. WISA plywood is an economical solution: the optimal weight-to-strength ratio reduces fuel consumption of transport vehicles and makes it possible to increase loading capacity.