Extruded aluminium profiles are everywhere, and as industries discover their benefits the use for special extrusions continues to increase, the only limitation is your imagination!

We offer all our customers a complete design, manufacture and stocking package of bespoke extrusions from single extrusions to full suites all tailored to our customers individual requirements. Our experienced engineering sales teams are happy to assist and advise throughout the extrusion design process, either from a basic idea/sketch or alternatively straight from CAD drawings. Service Metals have the resources and expertise to deliver extrusions that meet our customers specifications and needs. The initial tooling costs are surprisingly small, with huge manufacturing cost benefits to be gained.

Special extrusions allow for complex features such as screw ports, strengthening ribs, sleeving, corner cleats, decorative features, sections that snap together or combine integral hinge details, the possibilities are endless, all designed to simplify assembly and reduce manufacturing time scales. There is almost endless amounts of details we can incorporate into extrusions some of these details are shown in the “Idea profile”. We also offer pre-finished extrusions, either anodised or powder coated which can offer additional cost benefits. For more information please contact your local Service Metals branch.


3D Printing/Prototyping

Why not embrace the latest technology? Service Metals now offer pre-production/prototyping 3D printed extrusion samples, giving our customers a new avenue for approving designs before commission, new tooling and bulk production. Please contact your local sales office for more detailed information.